Najib is the man!

Many people must have underestimated the strength of Najib to stay on as the PM in the face of attacks from so many quarters, from Mahathir, some royalties and also from his own UMNO. And with the 1MDB assuming such a high profile in the politics of Malaysia, most PMs would have crumbled and resigned, but not Najib.

Najib is still hanging on with no signs of throwing in the towel. And he has good reasons for it. Some of the heavy weights in UMNO are staunchly on his side, supporting him and prepared to take on his critics. Ahmad Hamidi, Hishamuddin, Khairy and a few others have spoken up to show support for Najib. The initial signs of a break with Muhyiddin calling for an investigation have fizzled out.

Many would think that with Mahathir taking on the role as cheer leader, there will be a fall out and many UMNO leaders would cross over and take on Najid. For the moment this is not happening. Najib is hanging on and with UMNO appearing to be strongly behind him.

Mahathir must be wondering what is happening. This Najib is turning out to be a tough nut to crack. And Najib has a trumph card in Rosmah. She has not shown what she is capable of doing to protect her husband yet. This is the time when Rosmah would be called upon to prove her mettle against the old fox. She may dig out some dirt about Mahathir or his children to share and divert the attention away from Najib. And Mahathir will have to spend time covering his back.

It is still too early to tell if Najib will survive this crisis. As long as the UMNO leaders are closing ranks to stay with him, it is not easy to dislodge him from office if he does not want to bow out.

This is another big battle to watch. And quite fortunate for Najib that the PKR is also having problems of their own and would not be as formidable as a united front to mount a challenge at Najib.

An unsustainable formula with unsustainable policies to match

In the late 70s the formula was already in place. There was this common saying, if you are 40 and have not made it, it’s over. For those who have made it, they are at the top of everything, in career and status and income. Many young scholars in this scheme were CEOs here and there, permanent secretaries, generals and ministers.

Now a bit of reality.  At 40, at the top, earning top income, what is going to happen to them when they are 60, 70 or 80? For this group of aristocrats, their career cannot end there and then. They will continue to be relevant and continue to get more and more pay. Somehow there will be positions or appointments available for them. And there will be many coming after them to join the club. And membership to this exquisite club will grow and grow, and at the same time their income will grow and grow. Mind you, once in the club, everyone is earning millions and more, with no caps.  Sustainable?

The problem is that this group does not disappear like their parent’s generation. They don’t die at 60 or 65. Their lifespan is going to hit 80 and more. How to feed their growing income that has no caps? How much is needed to sustain this group of elite?

As for the ordinary Singaporeans, if by 40 they have not made it, most will not, they are going to hit the wall. Many will start to lose their jobs. Many will become unemployable, unwanted. Many will have to retire prematurely. Many will try to make ends meet by whatever job they could laid their hands on, underemployed is better than unemployed, they consoled themselves.

For this group, 60 is a defining moment, a defining age. It is time to take stock of their miserable savings. Some still think that they could survive without knowing that there will be another 20 or 30 years ahead to live. How many can afford to live on their savings, dwindling and eating up by inflation at a frightening rate, to last another 20 or 30 years? How much is needed to survive 20 or 30 years without an income but a little savings?

The bulk of the aristocrats is being sustained by the gravy train, a big group and growing rapidly. But the crowd of retirees, the average Singaporeans, is going to grow out of proportion, to live to 80 or more, but with no jobs and no income.

How sustainable is this formula of a longer lifespan without any income? And for those with enormous income, where is the money coming from to sustain their growing incessant appetite for more? They are at their peak at 40, at the top of their career and income. But their income will keep peaking every year, unrestrained. There is no limit to how much they want to be paid or expected to be paid.

How fortunate are those in this aristocratic class? And how unfortunate will be those not in this aristocratic class?

Amos Yee – When a mother fights back

I have written this article before the judgement was out. It may be belated and over taken by events, but some salient points are still relevant. The unrestrained ruthlessness of a group of people in their persistence attack on the mother and son is a manifestation of how much evil and wickedness are existing in our society. These people are so vile, so devoid of human decency and compassion. And they are let lose by whoever behind them to persecute the mother and child as the right thing to do, with no sense of guilt and remorse for their hideous acts speak a lot of what they represented and how dangerous life can be if this group of people are in politics and in power. They are simply inhuman.
Here is my article.
The vengeance of a mother fighting with claws and nails cannot be under estimated. Mary Toh, an unassuming mother, a school teacher, is faced with an uphill task to save her son being locked up in a mental hospital, not because he is mentally sick but for an unpalatable youtube posting.  The mother is desperate, in despair, calling on the power of heaven and earth to save her son.
While she is crying hell, there are evil people laughing at her desperation, continue to condemn her son, wanting her son to mete the worst punishment possible, and also ridiculing her, cursing at her for not bringing her son up well. Suck wickedness is so widespread, among the unthinking young, the politically aligned adults and the selfish individuals that care for nothing but their self interest, is so despicable.
Mary Toh is fighting back with all she got against all odds. She is alone without the resources to fend for herself and her son. But she is not alone. Thank God there are a few good people out there standing up and standing beside her to fight a losing cause. They are not letting up in the face of defeat. Sadly, defeat they will get. Everything is stacked against Mary Toh and her few supporters standing on shaky ground.
Where are the good men and women to come to her aid, to help her save her son? Where are the international organizations that could give her a lift, to level the playing field? A few have stepped forward but in vain. The writing is on the wall. The son of Mary Toh is going to get it.
Would the world say sorry to Mary Toh and her son? What has that got to do with the world? Would the people of Singapore do something for Mary Toh? Are there any good men and women brave enough, feel strong enough, to give this mother a little helping hand?
Would Mary Toh cry in vain?  No one thinks it is right and noble to step forward to help this hapless mother fighting to save her son?
Maybe only divine intervention is her only savior, when all human spirit fails her, letting a poor mother to stand alone, pleading for mercy for her son.
Where is humanity? Would anyone hear her cries and lift her up from her bended knees? All I can hear is humiliating laughter of smugness, scorn, condemnation and ridicules…for the mother and her son.
I am feeling so ashamed. Do you?


Amos sentenced to 4 weeks jail

SINGAPORE - Teenage blogger Amos Yee has been sentenced to four weeks’ jail, backdated to June 2. This means he will be freed today (July 6).
The hearing for his sentencing was held this afternoon.

The above is quoted from Today online

This is a very tough young man, to take so much of thrashing for so little that the did. Glad that he stays strong till the end and did not go mad or die in the mental hospital.

Abe a man of peace or war?

Many idiots still believe this man is a man for peace. Look at what he has been doing. The first thing and most important thing he is doing is to tear away Japan’s pacifist Constitution. What is this pacifist Constitution? It was imposed on Japan after the defeat in WW2 for invading countries in Asia by the Americans. Japan is forbidden by the pacifist Constitution to conduct war. And Abe is tearing this away, for peace, a man of peace? This is the Hitler of the 21st Century!

What else is he doing? He has been sending Japanese navy to engage in military operations under the guise of peacekeeping. He has been encouraging the Philippines to take on China and openly announced that he would support the Philippines in a war with China. He is joining the world’s most belligerent country in war games!

He is proposing to change the pacifist Constitution so that Japan can go to war in aid of the Americans, not just to defend Japan when under attack. According to Robin Harding in his article in the Today paper titled ‘Quest to revise pacifist Constitution could cost Abe politically’, he wrote, ‘Abe’s goal is to pass laws to reinterpret Japan’s pacifist Constitution, allowing it to exercise “collective” self defence. That would let Japan come to the military aid of an ally such as the US, instead of merely defending itself.’

The changing of the pacifist Constitution will give Japan the green light to conduct war all over again. It would pave the way for the invasion and destruction of Japan by its arch enemies in Russia, China and the Koreas. These countries were invaded by the Japanese and have many unsettled scores to settle. And they are now more powerful than Japan individually and a combined force of the three countries would easily lead to the dismantling of Japan once and for all and for the good of East Asia. This menace of war would be forever crippled and not allowed to do any more harm to any Asian countries.

This is the fate awaiting Japan should Abe be successful in his belligerent policies and tempting fate, that Japan is good for another go at war. He simply got intoxicated in the past glory of Japan and the legacies of his father and grandfather thinking that he could redo what they had done and succeed to build a Japanese Empire. Abe would bring total destruction to Japan and the Japanese as a free and proud people. A defeated Japan by a combined force of Russians, Chinese and Koreans would be a nightmare they never dream would happen or could happen but would happen. The balance of power is no longer in Japan’s favour.

Whither Japan under the Asian Hitler in Abe? The naiveity and recklessness of this man is unbelievable. But he has a lot of hawkish Imperialist minded Japanese that want to go along with him, to push their luck one more time.

At the moment China, Russia and the Koreas are still sleeping and Abe is taking the initiative to build a military alliance for his aggression in the region. The three countries must wake up and take seize the initiative, join forces to clip the wings of Abe and his Imperialist ambition. If they don’t do it, they will have to pay a heavy price for appeasement against this new Hitler in the making.

What kind of Singapore do you want?

Someone is suggesting a 10m people island with everything futuristic, everything beautiful, like everything is free, filled with beautiful people unlike the type of people we have today. The future of Singapore is a city of young and vibrant Singaporeans, healthy, good looking, good smelling, forever young and will never grow old and will never die. And yes, everyone will be smart, no duds, no morons.

Or can there be another alternative, like a 3m population, with a lot of space for everyone without having to stress the little things, without having to squeeze oil from rocks, squeeze more out of everything, where life is more leisure than pressure, like living in a pressure cooker?

Is a 10m population the only way to go forward? And is a 10m population a static thing and all population growth ends at 10m? Is Singapore’s meaning of existence is to fill up this piece of rock with more and more people? And keeping the population at 3m means disaster, no growth, no progress, no good life and no anything?

Shall Singaporeans be happily looking forward to a futuristic city, living high in the sky and below under the earth? And such quality and stylish living will be free or how much will it cost to live in such a city? Will people like cleaners, security guards and taxi drivers be able to afford to live in such a fine city? What about the retirees with no income? Can they also afford to live in such high quality place?

Or would there be like dungeon like sewerage tunnels for those who cannot afford to live high up in the sky, or in good class bungalows on earth, on stylish caverns  underground?

Singapore Botanic Gardens – A UNESCO World Heritage

Singaporeans must be very happy that they had achieved another great title for working so hard to make the Botanic Garden a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Everyone is now so proud of this Garden. But when credit is due it must be acknowledged and rightly go to the people that worked so hard to make this happened. What is the name of the founder of the Gardens? According to Wikipedia, ‘The first "Botanical and Experimental Garden" in Singapore was established in 1822 on Government Hill at Fort Canning by Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of modern Singapore and a keen naturalist…and Lawrence Niven was the first Superintendent and landscape designer….Henry Ridley became the first director in 1888….Professor Eric Holtum pioneered orchid hybridisation and became the director from 1925 to 1949.…. from 1942 to 1945, Hidezo Tanakadate (田中館秀三), a professor of geology from Tohoku Imperial University, took over control of the Singapore Botanic Gardens and the Raffles Museum.’

The present Director is Nigel Taylor. In between then and now there is a long list of British Directors overseeing the growth and development of the Gardens like the British have never left Singapore. In this garden they are still in charge. And thanks to their contributions, the Garden is now a World Heritage Site. And the British would likely be here for a very long time as there is unlikely to be a local that will have the talent and skills set to run the Gardens for another century, unless Tharman thinks it is time to train a local to take over in 10 years time. We really cannot do without foreign talents running the show.

I have another reason to feel happy and relief that the Gardens have acquired this status and also for the presence of the British in managing the Gardens. Without the British, the 74 hectares of Gardens could be history. How could such a valuable piece of landed property be left to waste in the hard of the city, the choicest real estate in the island? Imagine how much it would fetch, how many good class bungalows could be built on it, or how many thousands of 50 storey condos could be built on it?

Let me do some mental calculations, 1 sq ft is $3,000. Multiply this by 50 times for a 50 storey condo, it would mean 1 sq ft of land could fetch $150,000. A unit of 1,000 sq ft would be $3m and a condo of 50 units would be $150m. You can keep on multiplying and the numbers would drive one to nuts.

It is simply crazy to leave this piece of real estate as a garden. How can we afford to do such a thing? We need space and good land for 6.9m or 10m people! As a developer, this is really too good to be missed, and a lot of revenue for the govt too.

Thank God, this piece of real estate is now safe and sound. No one can touch it with its UNESCO status now. But don’t be too sure if a rogue govt is in place in the future, or a dictator takes over the island. For now it is very safe. Thanks to the foreign talents and the British Empire for this World Heritage Site. May they rule the Gardens forever. They have worked so hard for the Gardens over two centuries.