Parents of Special Needs Children speaking out

Below are a few paras of a letter by the parents of Special Needs Children at the Hong Lim Park YMCA event. The full article is posted at The Real Singapore. It gives a different viewpoint, from the parent’s perspective.


Shame on you Teo Ser luck and all you despicable PAPs grassroots leaders who hijacked the YMCA event and used our children as pawns to score political points. No, the protesters in no way scared our children. It was clearly a set-up and GOD is our witness to this shameful act. As the father of one of the children, I can clearly testify the following facts.

1) The children were stressed by the loud sound system, which we suspect was done on purpose to disrupt the CPF protest. The show initially was supposed to begin at 12noon to 2pm. Then at the last minute, we were told the time is changed to 2pm to 4 pm. I think to clash with the CPF protest, they changed it to 4pm to 6pm on the same day….

5) Our Lord Jesus truly works in mysterious ways, turning a cunning scheme by the government to fix the CPF protesters, into one that has shed light on the difficulties for parents with special needs children. Let’s see how much they do to help us, now that our plight is out in the open. Hope Roy and Han Hui can do a protest to highlight the plight of struggling parents like us. I am sure you have friends who can apply the permits for you.

6) As for people like Roy Ngerg and Ms Han Hui, I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the sacrifice to stand up against the tyranny . GOD bless you both and I’m sure many are praying that you will come out safe from your selfless sacrifice. As for Mr Ngerng, I am sorry that you lost your job in the process and are now made to look like a criminal for standing up for your fellow men and women….

Mary & Joseph
TRS readers

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China US partnership – A New World Order

This New World Order is taking shape with the latest US state official praising China for its increasing role in Afghanistan. The US had moved in with its military, did all the mop up operations to kill and destroy all the Afghans that they did not want to see, flattened the country from the air to Stone Age, then they moved out.
Next, the Chinese would move in with all the economic aids to help the Afghans to rebuild their broken country and to restart life anew. China has pledged to give Afghanistan US$327million in aid, in addition to the US$250 million it contributed after the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001. The Americans had dumped perhaps more than what China is giving, in kinds like bombs and bullets.

The changing roles of a destructive US and a constructive China are not premeditated or planned by the two powers. Neither is the new China US partnership. It just happened naturally. The Americans just enjoyed throwing their bombs in other people’s countries, mowed everything to the ground. China just sees it as an opportunity for economic development and building friendly ties with these countries. A Chinese statement said, ‘It does not seek to fill a void left by the US withdrawal, but has promised to play a big commercial role in reconstruction’.

China did not seek this role and did not seek to be lauded by the US. It is just a natural thing to do, to help countries that needed economic help and reconstruction. And there is a bigger role cut out for China after the US has done its destruction in the Middle East and decides to leave the region. Many Arab countries would need the resources, funds and reconstruction capability of China to rebuild their countries.

Now the sickening part. After rebuilding these countries, the people of these countries will curse China for taking ‘advantage of them’ and increasing its influence in these countries, and seeing China as the enemy. They would want to drive the Chinese out. So was the story told for the last few decades. Would it change, would these silly Asians think and know who is their real enemy and who destroyed their land and homes and lives?

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Sinkies beware when in foreign land

Sinkies must be reminded that if they are in a foreign country, they must be extremely polite and not to get in the way of the locals and residents. This is especially true when the locals or residents are on bicycles. Please do not honk at them or they would turn around and beat you up.

There is a recent case of a Sinkie driver honking at a local resident on his bike. The Sinkie thought it was ok to honk once. But the local resident cyclist was annoyed and turned around, dumped his bicycle on the bonnet of the Sinkie’s car.

You see Sinkies, when you are in a foreign country, this is the kind of things you should expect. When you are in a foreign country, the local resident would bully you and their police and govt would not come to your help. You are very lucky they did not beat you up.

So Sinkies please be very careful when you are a foreigner in a foreign country. I read about this in the news. The couple of Sinkies must count themselves lucky not to be beaten up.

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A return to hard headed policies

Tan Chuan Jin is shaping up nicely in the mould of the first generation ministers, tough and an advocate of hard headed policies. He spoke his mind, like calling the protesters at Hong Lim Park heckling Special Needs Children as vile. Yesterday he spoke again for the need to make tough policies that are necessary to tackle challenges.

Chuan Jin referred particularly to the issue of foreign workers and talents in the country. He said, ‘some are calling for further tightening to protect Singaporeans and their jobs…But this “seemingly pro Singaporean” mindset is but a fallacy.’ How is that so? My guess, the call for tightening of immigrant workers here is actually against the interest of Singaporeans and is not pro Singaporean but anti Singaporean. And the influx of more foreign workers and talents policies are really pro Singaporean, not against Singaporeans. So these policies are the hard headed policies and should continue.

The little problem here is that the people did not see eye to eye with him and the govt. The people are seeing a few million foreigners here and all happily employed but Singaporeans are losing their jobs or under employed. Maybe this is also a fallacy. Maybe the people are really daft and did not know that these millions of foreigners are here for their own good. Read whichever way you like. Would be good if MOM could provide some statistics to show how this is the case.

What is the purpose of the MOM Jobs Bank? Nothing heard of it lately. It was created to help Singaporeans to get jobs, a pro Singaporean creation. How successful is this? Or has MOM found this to be irrelevant as the need for foreign talents and creating jobs for foreigners are more important as they will end up creating more jobs for Singaporeans, especially the PMEs who can now look forward to driving taxis after being retrenched or sacked? Without the demands for taxis by the foreign talents they may not even have the chance to drive taxis.

The Govt knows what is right and good for the people. That is why it is calling for more hard headed policies, like bringing in more foreigners to create more jobs for Singaporeans. This is the hard truth. Singaporeans must face up to the competition and not run away from competition. My suggestion is that if Singaporeans are not competitive here, they should venture out to India, China and neighbouring countries to compete and make themselves relevant in these countries. Tap on the privileges of free trade agreements like the great CECA to get jobs in India and China, and live there for a better quality of life, if they can’t find it here.

What do you think? I think the hard headed policies will triumph and Singaporeans that are uncompetitive only have themselves to blame. Got taxis to drive is better than nothing to do. Forget about the Jobs Bank. That is history, created at a time when the mind was weak. Singaporeans must open their arms to embrace more foreigners, like 6.9m. Singapore need tough leaders and hard headed policies to survive.

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Improving Productivity: Try this PM, Tharman? – Cynical Investor

‘S’pore should try this if PM and Tharman and the govt is really serious when they say that “no stone will be left unturned” in the search to improve productivity. . But then it’s against the Hard Truth that hard work makes people happy.’

The above title and quote is by Cynical Investor in his post in TRE. He was trying to offer some suggestions to help Tharman and the govt with some good ideas for productivity and to improve productivity that has gone on vacation for the last 20 years.

My suggestion to improve productivity is very simple and easy to implement. Select a few role models like those communist countries used to do. Splash their photos in big posters all over the island. Erect statues would be better. Now can also use TV and internet and mobile phones, even betterer. Show their faces to motivate and inspire the people to work like them.

Stay away from those who preached ‘Shorter working hrs, greater productivity’. These are snake oil sellers. Work less and want to produce more? How can? There are many role models among the ministers and MPs that are excellent role models for the people to imitate. Shortlist a few that hold 20 or 30 job titles and appointments to prove that you need to work as hard and as long hours as them to be very successful. Earn millions by wearing more hats.

Come to think of it, if our ministers and MPs did not wear so many hats, we will need a Parliament 10 times the size of the present one. See how much money they saved for the country and how productive they are? And they trained themselves to do so many jobs and to be good in all of them.

There is no short cut to success. Take up 2, 3 or more jobs. If ministers and MPs can wear so many hats, take up so many jobs, the people sure can also. So, don’t be lazy, get off your butts and work, and work if your want to be rich, like ministers and MPs.

One good thing, if everyone takes 5 or 10 jobs, we don’t have to increase the population to 6.9m.

Who got better ideas than this? Want to be rich want to work lesser hours? Got shadow or no? This is ‘Improve Productivity the Politicians Way’. The ministers are all working their guts out to improve productivity and showing the way.

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Salute to the Hong Kong Student Protest – Take your victory and fold your umbrellas

The Hong Kong Student Protest has reached an impasse and some were suggesting that the students walk away while they are on top. Some were saying that the students did not see any tangible results and could not walk away empty handed and would lose face. I would tend to subscribe to the first position. The students have done a lot to push for the cause of democracy for Hong Kong and the rights of the people in a democratic state. And I believe Beijing has got the message and would be extra careful to infringe on the democratic rights of the people of Hong Kong. There is now an understanding by both sides on what each can do in the event of any attempt to violate the rights of the Hong Kong people. They understood each other better and it is time for the students to walk away while they are still on top of the situation.

The students should know that they could put on a lot of pressure on the Hong Kong and China govts by filling the streets. And they also know that both govts have a lot of constraints and could not simply push them out of the streets. The students by now would also understand that removing the Chief Executive and the freedom to choose their own representative to fill this post is not possible under the present situation. The students too by now would understand that Beijing could not allow the possibility of a ‘hanjian’ to become the Chief Executive of Hong Kong and create serious trouble for Beijing.

Given this situation, and the fact that the Hong Kong govt and Beijing have exercised great restraints to allow the protest to go on for so long, and the patient of the people and businesses in the areas for their losses, the students should take the upper hand by declaring the Protest a success as they have given notice to the govts of Hong Kong and Beijing that their democratic rights must be respected. They should then take a victory march around the area, say thank you to the people and businesses for the disruption to their incomes and lives, say thank you to the govt of Hong Kong and Beijing for tolerating their protest, and then go home.

By doing so, they will earn a lot of public sympathy, support and understanding. The Hong Kong govt and Beijing too would respect their actions and treat them more seriously. And all parties would know that the students would be on the streets again if there is any violation by the govt and Beijing. There will be a lot of goodwill all round and the students would end up as champions and heroes of the Hong Kong people for fighting for their democratic rights.

There is no need to push the barrier further that would lead to intolerance and even some ugly scenes and carnage on the roads. Fold up your umbrellas and walk away with heads held high and be respected by all parties in and outside Hong Kong for doing what is necessary and know when to call it quits on a happy note.

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Death threat against Redbean by blogger Raymond

Below are a few comments with a comment by a blogger called  Raymond making a threat against my life. I take this very seriously. If this blogger does not give me a reply to explain what he meant by 5 pm on 30 Oct 14, I will proceed to make a police report.
Redbean aka Chua Chin Leng
Anonymous said...
Dun like that lah

I worst than raymond

I xposed your daily activities .....

Okay... enuff tooday
October 29, 2014 10:16 am
Raymond said...
You're one seriously paranoid old man with a severe case of persecution complex.

You remind me of Robert Ho. Remember that guy? Thinks everyone is after him, watching him, etc.

Robert Ho eventually went mental and ended up in IMH. Sure looks like you're going that way as well. :)

As for who I am, don't worry. We'll meet some day--at your funeral. :) Please make sure your obituary includes a mugshot of your ugly face. :)

October 29, 2014 1:22 pm
 Anonymous said...
Yo Raymond, you sneaked out from IMH so late ah? Your masters very angry you let out so many secrets don't let you come out now you have to sneak out when they no see?
October 29, 2014 2:28 pm