Singaporeans must make way for the Angsanas

The Angsanas are well known as instant trees in the island. They are planted everywhere as stop gap measures when instant trees are needed. They have good foliage and provide good shade under the hot sun. Superficially they looked good too. But they also snapped or get uprooted quite easily under strong wings. Maybe it is their nature, or maybe they are just instant trees with shallow roots. Unlike the hardy local trees that could withstand strong winds with their deep roots, the Angsanas would always be Angsanas. They will snap or get uprooted.

What is disturbing is a piece of news this morning about two old schools, Griffiths and Qiaonan, that have to make way for Angsana. The two schools with a combined history of 145 years, with many histories and old boys and girls who were proud to be students of the schools, would have their memories wiped clean, all because someone decided that Angsana should replaced them as the name for the new school, but devoid of any history except the fame instant tree image.

Why would the decision makers choose to have something new and nothing exceptional to replace our heritage? And why would the MOE and the Singapore Heirtage Board allowed it to happen? Aren’t they the public institutions and guardians that believed in our history and heritage? Are these people obsessed with the Angsanas? Or is there a message that they are sending out, Angsanas are good and should replace the locals?

The old boys and girls and teachers are all perplexed. They have all the good reasons to want to preserve the names of the two schools. They protested. Why would they want to replace the names of their schools with something like Angsanas? It reminds me of the fetish fad of replacing the PMEs with their wealth of experience with unknown elements from overseas.

There are a lot of sentiments involved. This is our history. This is very sad. Our past and memories are wiped out, no more, by this naïve and simplistic decision. The old boys and girls just want something to remember, their past, the times they spent in the schools, their alma maters. Why can’t the new school be called Qiaonan Griffiths to give it some history and a link to its past golden days? Qiaonan and Griffiths anytime sound better than this thing called Angsana. And one of the criteria of the Schools Naming Committee is whether the name resonates with the community? You mean Angsana resonates with the community better than Qiaonan and Griffiths?

And this Angsana Primary School is supposed to build on the histories of Qiaonan and Griffiths! What have they been smoking? Maybe Angsana resonates with the national policies of bringing more instant citizens into the country. Every Angsana, every instant tree, is a treasure, a talent, better than the locals or the Qiaonans and the Griffiths. It is better to do away with Qiaonan and Griffiths and glorify the new future of Angsanas.

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England offering Ireland to China in perpetuity

In the 19th century, Hong Kong was ceded to England in perpetuity after the Opium War in an Unequal Treaty. It was returned to China together with the New Territories in 1997.  In the not too distant future, England may want to return the favour by offering Ireland to China in perpetuity, not for losing a war, but for its own interests and survival.

In another 60 years, the UK and Europe would be taken over by the Afro Asian migrants. The White Europeans would have become an absolute minority and lost control of their countries to the immigrants. These migrants came to Europe for economic reasons, that their God forsaken countries could not give them a better quality of life due to their incompetence and unprogressive mindsets to run a modern country. Europe and the UK were their hopes for a good life.

The funny thing is that when they became the majority in these countries, they changed everything to return to their old ways of life, the very way of life they ran away from, and turned UK and Europe into the same mold of their God forsaken countries. These European countries would then become just as inhospitable as their God damn countries before. Not only the Europeans wanted out, they themselves, the more progressive ones, would also be looking for more  new pastures, hospitable countries to migrate to. 

The USA would be just as bad as the migrants there too have become a majority and the country would be in the same sad condition. The Americans too would be fighting for their dear lives and could not offer the Europeans and Brits any help.

The only hope is to hand over Ireland to China to be run like China, without the influx of the Afro Asian migrants and their medieval way of life. Then whatever left of the White Brits could jump over to Ireland to live the life they were used to before the migrants became a majority and took control of England.

Would the future of Europe and England be turned into rubbish dumps by the Afro Asian migrants with their work ethics and  primitive ways of life, and the White Europeans becoming economic refugees? Of course many would have migrated to Australia long before Europe returned to the Dark Ages.

And of course what I wrote above are purely fiction and at times bizarre. But do not discount them as many academics have predicted that this could be the fate of Europe if they did not stop the inflow of more migrants and allowed the migrants to dictate how the countries should become to suit their old ways of life.

No need to worry for Singapore. We have brought in the best of the foreign talents and we would all be smarter and our city would also be known as smart cities for smart people. The original Singaporeans that were not smart enough would have left, squatting in Bintang, Batam and JB.

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The Silver Brigade – There are works to be done

The Silver Brigade is back, all 1m of them, and growing. Yes, there are 600,000 seniors in the age group 55 to 75, taking 30,000 for each cohort. And the 45 to 55 would soon join the ranks of the Silver Hair to add another 300,000 of them. There are 1 million seniors out there.

The Silver Brigade will not go away and are digging in, and coming back to roost. Many have been sidelined, fired, sacked, retrenched, retired, by a dysfunctional social economic system that is still sleeping. Today, with modern medicine, good living environment, health and wealth, a 60 year old is as good as a 40 year old of yesteryears. A 60 year old is still as sexy and gorgeous and physically able to run the marathon. Their predecessors would have not seen the light anymore, but a 60 year old today could expect to live another 20 or more years in healthy condition.

And if you look at 91 year old LKY still strutting around as the undisputed leader of this island, and still calling the shot, you know that a 60 or 70 year old is still young and has many good years to strut around.

On the other end you have the boys and girls brigades bitching around in the internet like little ignorant asses attacking the Silver Brigade as useless fools, ignorant, stupid and good riddance, time to kick the bucket. These little flies are behaving like what George Yeo said, ‘boh tua boh suay’ or disrecpectful of the elders. Wonder what kind of upbringings they have or who are the evil ones encourageing these unruly tarts to act and behave as such. It is unlikely that their parents and grandparents, all members of the Silver Brigade, would let them misbehave in these ways.

It is time that the Silver Brigade, all 1 million of them, to reassert themselves not only for their own good but more for the good of their children and grand children. The misguided boys and girls and the misguided policies must be put right for our children. There are many very intellectuals and wise ones out there, full of knowledge, experience and wisdom, and feeling very frustrated at the way things are happening to the country they built, and feeling quite helpless, with their wings clipped, told to be out of sight, and stayed as spectators but knowing fully well that they could contribute their worth for many tens of years. I called upon them to come back to the main stream of activities, to right the wrongs. Tell the boys and girls that you have enough of their stupidity and misguided policies. You have many good years to contribute for the good of country and future generations. Do not let misguided little kids run this country to the ground and to tell you off, that they know best.

Things are bad but still reparable. There is still some time to re chart the course and avoid going over the cliff. The boys and girls have run out of ideas. They are the real lost sheep and pretending to lead, to know the way. This is the moment of truth, a very serious crisis in the making demanding great minds, men and women from the Silver Brigade to come forward to do their parts. You have done it, been there, and sure you know that things are not right. You cannot afford not to do anything, to be on the side lines and let the vacuum heads and the irresponsible destroy this country that you played a big part to build.

It is very apparent that the young of today are deluded. How could they be allowed to wipe out a good generation of Singaporean talents from the 40s to the 70s, to call them obsolete and to be replaced by 3rd world bums and fakes? They could not see their wrongs, could not see anything wrong, and continue to go down the wrong path but believing that it is the right path. The Silver Brigade must resist this condemnation of our local talents into the waste bins.

The Silver Brigade has the responsibility to save this country from destruction, for the well being of their children and grandchildren. Staying out or doing nothing is to give up the future of the children by default. And at the very least, they must regain their dignity, not be abused and dismissed by little boys and girls as has beens, dried orange skins when the kids are lost themselves. How can the Silver Brigade allow the boys and girls who are empty in between their ears to lead everyone over the cliff?

It is time for the Silver Brigade to fight back, for their dignity and for the sake of country and people before it is too late, before this country is lost to the foreigners. Little boys and girls, please step aside and make way for the Silver Brigade. You have been given enough time and strings to hang yourselves. The Silver Brigades are your papa and mama and your Ah Kong and Ah Mah and will come out to teach you a thing or two, and are doing it for your own good. And if you choose to remain naughty and silly, they will use the cane on you.

Those that can lead must come out and lead. They must not allow the disabled and deluded to mislead. You have no choice. It is a fight for the life and death of a people and their children and grand children. The country needs you. Your children and grand children need you. Do not opt out for their sake. Do not wait until it is too late.

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Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank – China and the USA

The ugly Americans have been complaining that China is not doing its part in contributing to the world order. China now comes out with a huge sum of cash to set up the AIIB but the ugly Americans are crying foul again. What the Americans are demanding is for China to help the Americans to continue as the big bully against small nations. What the Americans are demanding is for China to be out of the way so that the Americans continue to exert control of the world through the World Bank and the IMF.

The Americans’ complaint against China is that China would be the major player in the AIIB without the Americans and that is bad. The AIIB can only be good if the major player is the American and with them pulling the string. So World Bank and IMF are good, AIIB bad.

21 Asian countries hungry for cheap loans that they often could not get from the American controlled World Bank and IMF have agreed to join the AIIB. They know where their interests lie and what is good for them. China may be the major contributor of funds to the AIIB, but if it takes the organisation and run it in a high handed manner against the interest of the participating nations, it would not last and AIIB would be a non starter.

This is the 21st Century and there is no place for colonialism and imperialism and gunboat diplomacy. China would have to treat every country in the AIIB as equals. There is no other option. AIIB can only exist with the support of all the participating countries with equal rights. Bull to the Americans.

Good riddance to the American semi colonies for not joining. It is a blessing that they, especially Japan and Australia have been left out. Their participation would only be as spoilers and as proxy to the Americans.

The intent and purpose of the ugly Americans are all about world domination and control and the exclusion of China from the World Order of the Americans. The TPP is another American creation to exclude China from the system. Many countries have been victims of the Pax Americana and the time is ripe for an alternative platform and system for the victims of the American empire to offer them a better deal.

Asia, Africa and Latin America must strike out a new path on their own where they can manage and determine their own good and future with the Americans pulling all the strings. The AIIB is only the beginning to the dwindling influence of the Americans. And they are protesting loudly and even twisting the arms of their allies and semi colonies not to join. The World Order is shifting.

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Sin City is ripe for a Constitutional Monarchy

Who is complaining that Sinkies are ungrateful? I will not be surprised if the views were expressed in the MSM. But for such views to be expressed in the social media it means a lot. Social media is always seen as anti establishment, anti govt, anti PAP and of course anti Lee Kuan Yew. It is thus very surprising to read so many positive views about how disrespectful it was to make LKY an MP. It is also very heartening to hear that many people sincerely believed that paying him anything, any amount, is not enough for all the good he has done for Singapore. How can the Govt be paying him a miserable $16,000 as an MP? Disgusting! And such views are expressed in TRE, would you believe it?

No amount of money is enough to pay him for bringing Singapore from 3rd world to 1st world and for making almost every Sinkie a millionaire, with many becoming billionaires. So what is the big deal for LKY to be sitting in the Istana as an MP? Nobody could see anything wrong with it except maybe Tan Cheng Bock.

Tan Cheng Bock knows what democracy is all about and what democratic practices should be. It is called 民主, by the people, of the people, and for the people, not a dynasty or monarchy, 皇朝, where one is a monarch for life. In a democracy, you are elected or not elected. You are the elected President, PM or just an MP and you must know your place. And your position and status as a political leader ends the day you are not elected by the people. It is not a never ending position.

From the praises and adoration and reverence expressed by the people in social media, democracy or western democracy does not mean anything to a deserving leader. The people are blind, or could or would turn a blind eye to such formalities and protocol. There is nothing wrong for a deserving MP like LKY sitting in the Istana forever. And they felt aggrieved and hurt that the Govt is paying him a miserable $16,000 pm. LKY should be very pleased to know that he is so highly looked up to by the people who are grateful for what he had done for them.

Perhaps dynastic rule is in the blood of the people even though they are descendants of migrants from China with thousands of years of dynastic rule. Not sure if the other racial groups share this attachment and sentiment. Given a choice, I think these people would not mind changing our democratic system to a Constitutional Monarchy to perpetuate the rule of LKY. To them, this country is like belonging to him. And he is deserving of it in every sense of the word. I think there will be very little resistance if someone would to propose a change of the democratic constitution to one of Constitutional Monarchy.

The people seem willing and have a penchant for it when there is a deserving ruler. I don’t think there will be another deserving leader in the future. This kind of thing doesn’t happen too often, definitely not every 50 years. And 50 years of democracy, or was it democracy, would not change the ancient mindset of deference to power and the mandate of heaven.  Many Singaporeans still do not know what is democracy and why monarchy is obsolete.

What do you think?

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Letter of Appeal to the Prime Minister’s Office for the job security of SIA pilots

Below is another pathetic letter from a disadvantaged Sinkie employed by a GLC. All I can say is that it is like singing to the cow. They would not listen. They are deaf frogs. And they believed what they are doing is right and good for you. Why do you think cheating of shoppers could happen for more than 30 years until this Jover Chew’s case before they knew something had happened? Sinkies had been sold out and the sad part is that they don’t even know why or who had sold them out.

The full letter is posted in TRE. Would daft Sinkies wake up in time for the next GE? Sorry Sham, you should sign off as Daft Sinkie below your name. But they already knew. Nothing will happen until you and other daft Sinkies act together to effect the change. You want change for the better? The future is in your hand. Dig the spur into their hide. Don’t wait till 6.9m, you would not even have a place to stand on by then

19 Nov 2014
Dear Sir,

I am a pilot with Singapore airlines since 1999 and am right now a seven-year Senior First Officer who flies the A380 super Jumbo. During my time with the Airline I have experienced many ups and downs but what has forced me to write to you is to highlight the disparity for a Singaporean as compared to a Non- Singaporean….

It takes a newly qualified pilot an average of 8 to 10 years to be selected for command training, and on successful completion achieve the rank of Captain.

During this period, a Singaporean first officer dedicates 1 month of each year to serving our country as an active reservist whereas a non-Singaporean is not liable for this.

Even more so, when a non-Singaporean chooses to become a citizen, he enjoys all benefits of being one without having served at all. Whereas, for a Singaporean, we lose out a total of 1 year’s worth of flying by the time we are selected for Command training….

Recently there was an article in the Singapore Straits Times stating how non-Singaporeans given positions of importance have actively gone out and recruited their own kind for their companies and in time even given them positions of importance.

In Singapore airlines 95% of Flight Operations Management and 80% of Flight Operations Training Department is made up of Non- Singaporeans or those who chose to become citizens….

I am not asking for all these people to be replaced. What I am asking for is to level the playing field for Singaporeans. These are your people. We may be a minority, which may seem like a small number but take into account all the children and grandchildren we have and this now grows exponentially.
Please do something for us and our future.

Sham Kumar Singh

There is another letter in TRE by a mother on her son and fellow NS boys suffering from depression. Having to slog it out for two years braving the elements only to know that the foreigners are taking over their jobs and with all the advantages is really depressing. Who would care about these daft Sinkies?

The smart asses would tell the daft Sinkies, if you don’t buck up, we will replace you with all the millions of hungry foreigners out there.

Now, you know who should be replaced don’t you?

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UN accusing North Korea for crimes against humanity

The UN, under the instigation of the Europeans, and hiding behind the corner, the Americans, thought it a very clever and highly moral thing to want to charge the North Koreans for crimes against humanity for the decades of cruelties against its citizens. On the other hand it turned a blind eye to the decades/centuries of cruelties committed by the Americans and Europeans against the African slaves and the genocides against the Red Indians. Maybe they think those cruel crimes against humanity were too long ago.

What about the murders of the Iraqis and Saddam Hussein and American boys and girls in a fake war built on fake grounds? Off hand the number of dead and maimed in the last 10 years would be more than those in North Korea over the so called decades of cruelties based on hearsays and anti North Korean gooks, and outsiders that had not set foot on North Korean soil. The numbers of kills and wounded in Iraq are available for all to see.

Never mind. Let’s look at the reason why the Americans and Europeans are obsessed with wanting to discredit the North Koreans and to bring them down, to continue to impose sanctions on the North Korean people, and to provoke them to react angrily and aggressively. It is not a simple case of hatred and mischief or ignorance or fake compassion for humanity. It is all part of the bigger scheme of things, to keep harassing the North Koreans, to perpetuate a state of tension and hostility between the North and South Koreans. It is all to serve the American Empire, to keep South Korea as a semi colony, to station troops in South Korea as a staging point for a strategic purpose, in case of war against China.

North and South Korea are just convenient chess pieces in the American war game for world domination. The Americans would not want the South Koreans to have any reason to negotiate peace with North Korea, to reunite the two states and to ask the American troops to go away. They must constantly provoke the North Koreans, agitate the North and incite the South to go and kill each other. Korean lives and national interests are secondary to the American Empire. And it is good money too, forcing the South Koreans to continue to buy American weapons, like it or not.

The secondary objective is to deflect the attention on the war crimes committed by George Bush and Tony Blair in the Middle East. As long as the pressure continues to mount against North Korea, and the fingers pointing at the North Koreans or Iran or any other convenient scapegoat, no one would have the time to look at the Americans’ dastardly acts and their crimes against humanity. The Americans would just drag the whole world by the ears to wherever they want them to be and to see. The Europeans were just convenient cronies to act as diversion in this case. They have more than enough trouble at home to want to mess around with the North Koreans in another corner of the globe. But they had no choice as the Americans insisted on them to front this premeditated cause just like using Australia and John Abbot as the sheriff of the western Pacific. So it gives the impression that it was not the Americans doing it.

The North and South Koreans are in very pathetic situation, unable to shrug off this evil Empire without being colonised by war if they chose to behave otherwise. The best they could do is to play along, but be very conscious that they are all Koreans and must avoid war at all costs.

The Americans would continue to control and mess around with these two states to keep them as two separate political entities, and to go to war would be even better. The Americans have all to gain politically, strategically and financially if hostility breaks out.

The two Koreans must pray very hard that God is merciful to them and keep the American Empire from exploiting them. And the allies of the Americans are all in praise of the Americans as the responsible policemen of the world, maintaining peace and stability and all the craps that they forced themselves to believe in.

What a joke!

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