GE 2015/16 – What would be Chok Tong’s role

The GE is imminent. Many would be wondering what would be Chok Tong’s role this time. Would he still be the goal keeper or would he be history? He is still the most senior member of the PAP team, a very durable politician. He still carries a lot of weight and the Emeritus title. He should be good enough to carry a GRC and Marine Parade would be lighter this time without Nicole Seah staring down at him. Maybe without Nicole Seah PAP may not see the need for this heavyweight to give its team the needed ballast.

Chok Tong is the last of the second generation PAP leaders still in play. Would PAP still need a veteran to hold the fort? At 70 or 71, he is still very young, 20 years younger than the oracle and the most senior of the PAP team. It is a case of young but not young, old but not old, to let go or not to let go.

What about Chok Tong’s personal plan? Is he looking for a well deserved retirement and live happily ever after, spending time with his grandchildren? Or is he another LKY, that working is fun and enjoyable, especially as a senior statesman and with all the trimmings of power and glory? What would Chok Tong want? Does he have unfulfilled dreams like building smart cities in India or making CECA more attractive?

Would Hsien Loong be calling the shot and making the final call?  How would the voters see Chok Tong? Would he be tasked to mentor his young talents or have the young talents all grown up and not needing him anymore?

The oracle’s office in the Istana is still vacant and waiting for another deserving occupant, and who else is more deserving other than Chok Tong the Emeritus Minister?

George Yeo told he would lose Aljunied GRC

George Yeo disclosed that he knew he was losing Aljunied before the GE. His professional pollster friend told him so, that he would get between 43 to 47 percent of the votes. The final result was 45.3 percent. This prediction is even more precise than the Oracle. George said he kept it from his team mates. Not sure if he revealed the forecast to the Oracle. Maybe he did and sending the Oracle to give a warning to the Aljunied voters to repent.

What happened is now history. One thing is sure, whatever will happen will happen. With the pollster’s forecast, George and the PAP must have worked extra hard, put in extra effort, to change the prediction and to win. It was in vain.

George should lend his pollster friend to Hsien Loong to predict the outcome of the next GE. Maybe he already did that and the forecast was a convincing win, a clean sweep. Sorry opposition, if this is the prediction by the professional pollster, it would be best to skip the GE and save money and effort.

So, what have the pollster predicted this time? What if he said several GRCs would go down? If that be the case never mind. The ST survey is so good and the PAP is so confident. That is good enough. This time the pollster may not be right. Keep the fingers crossed.

Perhaps the opposition leaders should invite the pollster to do a prediction for them and then decide whether to contest or not. It is always a very good thing to know the result in advance.

Everyone must be very eager to know who this pollster is and wanting to hear from him. Quick, find him.

Redcon 1 over South China Sea

While China is busy reclaiming more land in the South China Sea, a sinister wind is blowing from Hawaii. More than 20 countries, led by the Americans, Japan, Australia and the Philippines, are conducting a war game simulating how to capture the Chinese made islands. They are planning for war with China, to contain China. And what did China do to invite war in its territories? Is construction and building islands in its territories an aggressive act of war? Is China threatening any country?

No! Exactly. But the evil Empire of the USA, claiming to be a peaceful country, is lowering its veil of hostility. It cannot accept a rich and powerful China. It cannot accept China reclaiming the islands in the South China Sea. It is bent to contain China. And it is preparing to go to war, to attack China without provocations.

It has reported that it has been conducting reconnaissance flight over the Chinese islands at low level using the P8 Poseidon surveillance aircraft. China has been warning the Americans to get out of its airspace in vain. The bully is showing its military muscles like it used to do in the days of U2 spy plane. The provocative acts will continue unabated unless the Chinese is able to put a stop to it.

The US will continue to bully China. It is branding China as an expansionist power, a war like country that is going to conquer and control the countries in its neighbourhood. China’s land reclamation on its islands is unacceptable to the Americans. It is agitating the neighbouring countries to claim Chinese islands, calling them disputed islands. With that as an excuse, it is openly backing up these countries in an open war with China with Japan, Australia and the Philippines ready and prepared to strike.

China must prepare for a repeat of the burning of the Summer Palace by the eight powers, inclusive of Japan, invading China in the 19th Century. This time it would start with the attacks on Chinese islands in the South China Sea. And these aggressor countries think that war could be limited in the region and they could play with fire. 

When war breaks out in the South China Sea, it will be the beginning of World War 3. American bases in Japan, South Korea and the Philippines would be first to be hit. The Okinawans would be the sacrificial lamb for hosting the Futenma and Kadena Air Bases in their islands. The other bases in the main Japanese islands of Honshu and Kyushu would also be primary targets to be taken out. Japanese and US cities would also be targeted.

The dangerous and insane Americans may think that they can light a fire and contain it. Fat hope, when war breaks out, it is intercontinental warfare. China would not accept the lost of any islands and would hit back. These Americans are really dangerous to think they can start a war like in the Middle East, that they can hit at any country and their victims cannot hit back. It is mutual self destruction. Don’t bet on it that the US mainland is safe.

What can China do in the face of American provocation and hostility? Taking a slap on the left and offering the right? This would encourage the cowboys to be more trigger happy. Weakness is not an option. China must take down the Poseidon to avenge the death of a pilot in the Hainan Incident and the bombing of its embassy in Belgrade.

As a defensive posture, it should conduct live firing exercises in the South China Sea, issued Notams to warn aircraft that the area is a live firing zone. Aircraft entering the zone would risk being shot down. Let the Americans violated the live firing notice and shoot it down. And prepare for an all out nuclear war with the Americans and its cronies.

How crazy is Washington and the Pentagon thinking it can still use its military might to threaten and bully other countries? War is no longer for fun when the victim is another super power that can hit back.

South China Sea is now Redcon 1.


SEA Games budget $324.5m

This is the budget for the SEA Games and the organizers promised they would not exceed the budget this time. The last YOG was budgeted at $104m but finally cost more than $300m. Was the over spending due to inexperience or bad budgeting or just uncontrolled overspending? Anyway it is history. It must be good value for money spent.

With that experience, the current budget of $324.5m is just about there, about right. Not sure how is this computed, based on number of athletes or what? This SEA Games is for adults and they may need more in terms of food alone. Hope it is really enough and no more overspending.

With Leong Sze Hian somewhere in the mountain retreat, let me try to crunch some numbers here to see what it means. With 7000 athletes and officials, it would mean the Games will cost $46,300 per participants for the duration of 12 days. Or for each day, it will cost about $4,000 to host a participant. Cheap, quite cheap really.

If each participant were to spend $1,000 a day, the net loss will be $3,000 daily per participant. The break even should be for each participant to spend $4,000 daily during the Games duration. Of course the money is well spent for the publicity and goodwill generated. Now more people will know where is Singapore and how good Singapore is. They may migrate here to help us and to help us hit the 6.9m population target faster.

The overall picture is definitely money well spent. Oh, the participants need not have to choose whether to eat at the hawker centres, foodcourts or restaurants. The food quality is restaurant standard for sure. We have to play the good host and show them the hospitality of a first world country and standard. They will all return home with good memories of Singapore, the paradise on earth and would return, and return as tourists or future workers. Maybe they are our future PRs and citizens. This is called planning ahead and planting the seeds for the future. Oh, some may want to represent us and don our national colours, become our sporting citizens to bring glory to us.

PAP – The ground is sweet

A ST survey has convincingly announced that the ground is sweet for the PAP and this may prompt the PAP to call an early election. And from the comments by Hsien Loong, they are taking the findings of the survey very positively. There is a renewed confidence in the PAP camp that all is well. And you can’t blame them for being so confident.
Hsien Loong has pushed out his slate of leaders that are quite unbeatable in every way. The response from the public must be very encouraging. No one is saying anything bad about them, so must be good. Everyone is a talent and a leader in his own right and should be able to carry all the GRCs they are going to lead. The gloom and fear of getting the marching order like Aljunied GRC are history.
The position camp, particularly the WP, has been in a big struggle to get their accounts right in the AHPETC. They are so bogged down by the details that they have no time even to eat or sleep. The other opposition parties are also very quiet and not seem to be engaging the people other than the SDP. The SFP, a breath of fresh air and looking promising, has also cut down on their PR activities.

What about the grudging issues that were troubling the people? Where got issues? Since the days Roy and his friends were hauled up and charged in court, the CPF issue is no longer an issue. No one is talking about it anymore. This means that there is no issue and the people are happy with the state of their CPF savings.

And the people are so grateful with the MedishieldLife and the CPFLife providing coverage for their future needs. In addition to these two wonderful schemes, there is the Pioneer Generation Package that made all the pioneers smiling in glee. Everything is now a big discount and they are even spending more on medical needs and dental treatments, things they would not dare to at the old prices and without the discounts.
Public housing is also no longer an issue as the prices are now better than affordable. People with income of $1,000 can also buy a public flat. Where to find such good deals?

PMETs and foreigners too are non issues. Just adapt and get use to it. After a while the situation will become the new normal. Fake degrees, where got? If got fake degrees, they would have all been sent home. Our ministries are super efficient in law and order. And this is well known throughout the world. Foreigners coming here are all genuine degree holders and professionals and the most honest people in their countries. The cheats and fakes would not dare to be here to be caught and sent home.

Now, what else is an issue? Can’t think of any really. It is celebration time. The big bash in SG50 is around the corner. Everyone is gearing to party and parties are everywhere. The spirit is high. There is money everywhere. $324m for the SEA Games is chicken feat. You need money to celebrate and enjoy, just ask and shall be given.

This GE is going to be a walkover and a convincing win for the PAP. The voters will show their approval by giving them a bigger majority. Aljunied GRC, Hougang and Punggol East will be returned to the PAP fold. The PAP is delivering everything the people want and the people will reciprocate for such a good govt. The opposition parties are in hiding, fleeing, knowing their chances are as good as zilch.

Ouch! Stop throwing rotten eggs at me. I am telling the truth. I got the ST survey to prove that I am telling the truth. The survey would not lie. If you don’t believe, see when the election will be called. It will be very soon. The PAP is ready and is walking the ground. They are absolutely confident of a big win this time.

Where is the opposition? Where got public angst? No more complaints, no protests, all is fine. Everything will be back to normal after the next GE with PAP in control.

More good years and more good times.


Why no speak on fake degrees?

‘Under the PAP, it is inevitable that Singaporean graduates will compete with foreign ones from ‘reputable’ unis, many with bogus degrees. If Singaporeans do not demand accountability from the PAP at the polls, we will have 5 years to repent.’ Phillip Ang
Phillip Ang wrote an article title ‘ Bogus degrees – 5 years to repent if we do nothing’ posted in TRE.

In the article one could sense the frustration and exasperation of Phillip Ang, representing the unhappy voices of PMETs that were replaced by the degree mill foreigners. You could imagine him pulling at his hair in anger, that nothing seems to be done, no one seems to care or even want to talk about this sorry state of affair, less want to do anything about it.

Indifference, no accountability, tidak apa, seem to be what this issue is all about. Fake degree holders working here and displacing our poor PMETs from their jobs and depriving them from earning a decent income in a decent job is the new normal. There are more serious consequences in medical and engineering fields if the fakes were to be employed to treat the sick and involved in infrastructure projects. Phillip was screaming, those countries are infamous for their corrupt education systems and culture and in producing fake degrees. Didn’t anyone know or want to know?

These are valid questions. Everyone knows the shit is here, knows everything is so shitty it smells all over. No need any proof or investigation. Fakes and degree mills are the norm, anything else is an exception. You will have a hard time finding one with genuine degrees and job experience. That is how sick the situation has become that no one dares to poke his little finger in the pile of shit.

Then why the reticent, why turning the heads the other way? I venture to ask some employers about the fakes they are hiring. They gave me a cheeky smile. Corruption, corrupt practices? Fake degrees, degree mills, where got? Then with all seriousness he said, when in Rome do as the Romans do. I was taken aback.

Isn’t this Rome and the newcomers are to do as we do? That made him laughed crazily like he was going to be delirious. We are in Rome and we need to do and act like them. We have to adapt to be like them. This is Rome, their Rome, they are the Romans and corruption, fakes, cheats are the order of the day.

I was stunned by such clarity in perception of the new reality. Those who still believe in honesty, integrity, righteousness are living fossils, behind time and need to go the dodo way. To survive, one has to adapt to the new reality, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Phillip, you got the idea?

Rohingyas - Sin City given second chance

In the late 70s and 80s, Singapore was faced with a serious threat from the Vietnamese boat people. Thousands of them were fleeing Vietnam and landing on our shores and the shores of neighbouring countries. We were caught between being merciful to the refugees or caring for our people. We have unemployment problems in the 70s. But more important, we knew then that we were only a tiny red dot and could not allow the refugees to flood the island. There were big countries that had the land to accommodate them. So we did the painful and morally difficult thing, by shoving them off our shores. We did our best to provide them with food, water and fuel and sent them off to their destiny.

We are a different kind of city. Today we are a big country, we can build and build, we can take in 10m or more people. Jobs are aplenty. We have full employment and we need manual workers. Now we are presented with a second chance, to save the new boat people, the new refugees, the Rohingyas. They are fleeing Myanmar, Bangladesh and India, in rickety boats like the Vietnamese in search of their promise land.

Many have died in their dangerous journey at sea, like the Vietnamese boat people. Many can be saved if the big countries are willing to take them in. Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia are all closing their doors to these boat people. They are so hear heartless. They don’t care.

Now we are given a second chance to show that we care, we can be generous. We have jobs for these people, we have land to house them, on the ground, above ground and underground. And one thing for sure, these people do not come with fake degrees and CVs. They come as they are, to fill the labour shortage in the construction industry, to be cleaners and sweepers, and maybe security guards. The only problem, they will provide more competition for our PMETs in these vocations, and don’t have to pay levies. They could not afford to.

So how, shall we bring them in since no countries want them and we need more labour and our country is so big, no longer a little red dot for $2m people. We will hit our 6.9m target faster and then go on to 10m and our economy will definitely boom again. So will demand for housing which is good for property prices. More demand for hawker centres and food courts and more shopping centres.

What do you think?