Daft, daft and daft

Don’t Sinkies get it? Everyone has been calling them daft day in and day out and they are so happy about it, or pretending not to know. At 55 years old, got a life time of education, raised a family, some are Ah Kongs and Ah Mahs, some sitting in board meetings as senior management or as CEOs, and they said you are daft. They said you are irresponsible, would squander away your life time savings, and on mei meis. You spent your whole life being a responsible individual, serve your NS to defend your country, they said you cannot be trusted with your life time savings of a few hundred thousand dollars. It would be different if you are in IMH. But no, you are still healthy and employed in very senior and responsible positions in big corporations and institutions.

And the best part, the daft kept quiet and accepted being labelled as daft and irresponsible, and cannot be trusted with their own money by little boys and girls who thought they are really demigods. And these boys and girls are grinning themselves silly at the daft, and laughing all the way to the banks.

And now there are a few boys and girls standing up at Hong Lim trying to defend the pride, honour, dignity and stupidity of the daft. And what did the daft do? They called these boys and girls daft.

And the fake foreigners are flooding into the countries to take up the top jobs, and some daft still thinking they are taking the cheap jobs. And the foreigners are telling the govt or people in MOM they could not find any Sinkies good enough for employment in well paying jobs. And they have to go overseas, especially to their 3rd World villages to hire their Ah Bengs, Ahmads and Aruns to replace our graduates from world ranked universities. And we stupidly keep going back to them to want to hear their explanations and be willingly conned by them, and without knowing that they were telling themselves that these silly people are so easy to be duped.

And to rub salt to the wounds, they brought in fakes to sit on top of our people and order them around and fucking up their careers and lives, and drawing big salaries just to make the Sinkies look daft and believe they are really daft. How’s that for dessert?

And to top it all, we are going to develop our Singaporean core by giving pink ICs to these foreigners and called them Singaporeans to manage us, manage our companies that we built without them, and probably to run our country too in a matter of time.

Why are we so daft and not knowing it? How long are we going to live with this daft reputation and not going to resist it? Anyone passing 55 and not complaining about his CPF money and the reason for not letting him have his money is a daft.

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Toto top prize now $1.6m

Good news for all Singaporeans. With the high cost of living, high property prices, the govt has taken noticed and is helping again. The top price for Toto is now raised from $500k to $1.6. This is necessary as $500k or $600k could barely be enough to buy a HDB flat. Come to think of it this is really doesn’t make sense when you see people earning more than a million or $5m or $10m in salary annually. And the people have to place bets with a one in 14 million chances just to win $500k. And there are people saying, what is $10m? Would the Toto winner be saying, what is $500K?

At least $1.6 million would be sufficient to buy a HDB flat and maybe a nice car to go with it, and with a little spare cash to have a fling. It is a good thought really. Never mind if the cost is a bit more. Let me quote SY Lee and Leong Sze Hian’s introductory paras posted in TRE on the enhancement of the Toto prices.

‘We refer to the article “Larger jackpot with more prizes for TOTO from Oct 7” (Channel NewsAsia, Aug 2Cool.
Betting amount increase 100%?
It states that “In changes that will take effect from Oct 7, An ordinary bet of six numbers will now cost S$1 as opposed to 50 cents previously, while System 7 will now cost S$7, as compared to S$3.50 previously….’

I must say that the govt is not only forward looking, an ability to see ahead, it is also caring and wanting the people to do well and live well. Now the lucky winners will be happier and able to live better with $1.6m.

There is hope.

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Chinese bashing as racists continues

The cold blooded killing of a black teenager in the US by white policemen who pumped in 6 bullets to make it six times confirmed that the boy was dead, became an excuse to accuse the Chinese as racists by as black Asian American named Jamil Anderlini. Oops, I shouldn’t mention his colour as that is racism for a start. In Singapore we often used terms like dark or fair complexion although these would not make any difference to a racist. Anything can be racist to a racist.

This Jamil’s article, Understanding China style racism, reported in The Financial Times and reposted in the Today paper makes me wondering what is the agenda of the paper. Is the paper confirming that what Jamil Anderlini’s condemnation of Chinese as racists is true? Or is the paper simply saying that there are people like Jamil Anderlini who is obsessed in his thoughts that the Chinese are racists? Or is the paper saying that this Asian American and The Financial Times was trying to distract the brutal killings of a black teenager by a white mob of policemen in the US by condemning the Chinese to take the attention away?

Looking into the content of the article, the only thing the author could say about Chinese racism is name calling or jingoism. And indirectly he is saying that he and his race are free from such name calling and jingoism. What is glaring is that the Chinese style racism of name calling to this Jamil is more serious than the white form of racism when coloured people are murdered in cold blood or attacked physically by the whites. I just hope this Jamil will have a taste of white racism to change his mind. Or maybe he had but chose to live with the bruises and his bruised ego.

The big question is, how many coloured people have been subjected to physical violence by the white men in the US, UK, Europe and Australia, and how many non Chinese have been subjected to physical violence by the Chinese in China or in other countries? All I know is that the Chinese have been victims of racism in the US, UK, Europe and Australia and even in Singapore by white men. Not true?

I am still puzzled for the reasons to publish this biased report against the Chinese as a people in the Today paper. The Chinese are racists? I say fuck you. Now would that make me a racist?

I  may also want to ask, what is the agenda of this Jamil? Does he has a sinister motive?

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The USA telling the world it needs help

The Americans are telling the world that they need their help to contain the spread of militant Islam. The genie was then in a bottle guarded by its guardians, the Saddams and the Gaddafis of the Arab World. They were able to keep the genie in the bottle with a forceful hand for decades. Under their dictatorships, the genie had no chance to get out of the bottle to create havoc to the Arab World and threatening the Americans and the rest of the world.

The Americans chose to do it on their own, ignoring the rest of the world, to kill the guardians of the genie of militant Islam. Now the genie is out of the bottle and the Americans panicked. Help, help, the genie is out of control.

Would the rest of the world listen to this notorious international bully who is creating troubles everywhere, in everyone’s backyard and front porch? The Americans have been bullying everyone and dictating to everyone, or to face the consequences of being on the American blacklist and faced all kinds of sanctions and harassments. Now the Americans are calling for their victims to come to the Americans’ aid, to put the genie back into the bottle.

Why should the rest of the world be responsible to put the genie back? Did the Americans consult the rest of the world when they unilaterally went ahead to release the genie? Now the Americans are frightened. The Americans know that they are the number one target of the genie. They forgot that they are the world’s Number One superpower and can do as they pleased, doing it on their own, with all their mighty firepower to destroy whoever they want to. Do the Americans really need the rest of the world to tackle the genie? They could bring back all their trouble making naval fleets from all corners of the world to deal with the genie instead of creating troubles elsewhere. These resources must be more than enough to deal with the genie.

Why should the rest of the world be led by the big bully to clean up the mess it created in defiance of the rest of them? The rest of the world must be grinning and telling themselves that it would be good if the Americans are forced to pull back their trouble making troops from their doorsteps to deal with genie. Why should they want to help the trouble maker to keep their troops in their neighbourhood? They must be quietly saying, ‘It’s your problem, not ours’.

Live by the gun, die by the gun.

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Why Singaporeans must reclaim ownership to this country

Many things are going the way against the wishes of Singaporeans. And Singaporeans are just hapless, unable to do anything about it except to kpkb, not consulted or ignored. Singaporeans must eventually come to a point when they could not bear it any longer. They will have to decide enough is enough and want to recover their rights to decide what they want for their country and what kind of life they want for themselves and their children. And definitely not what a few people think and decide for them and thumping their nose at the Singaporeans.

Singaporeans must decide how many foreigners they want to have in this country.
Singaporeans must decide how many citizenships they want to give away.
Singaporeans must decide how much the govt should be paid, not to be decided by the incumbents.
Singaporeans must decide how big is the govt and how many political appointments can be allowed. It is public money and no one can suka suka create as many appointments as they want and pay as much as they want.
Singaporeans must decide the cost of public services especially housing and medical care and university places for Singaporeans.
Singaporeans must decide how to take care of the senior citizens and what kind of budget to provide for them.
Singaporeans must decide how big should the national reserves be and how the reserves should be used for their benefits.
Singaporeans must know how much is in the national reserves and where are they.
Singaporeans must decide whether they want so many foreigners to be employed in govt services and GLCs and to rule over them.
Singaporeans must decide on a fair and equitable political system.
Singaporeans must decide how and when they should take back their CPF savings.

There are many more things to add to this list that should be decided by Singaporeans and not by a few proxies that took upon themselves to decide everything for Singaporeans as if they own this island and with total disregard to what the Singaporeans want or do not want. Singaporeans must put a stop to the usurpation of their rights by politicians to chart the course of the country and their lives.

The country and all its assets belong to all Singaporeans and no one is allowed to give it away without the consent of the Singaporeans. How the country is to be run, which direction it should be going, must be decided by Singaporeans. No political party or politician should ever think that once in power they can do anything they want as if the Singaporeans are non existent, or their servants or slaves. Singaporeans must be the master of their country and to chart their own destiny. They must not lose these by default or by surrendering it to a few individuals.

Singapore must not become a modern day Troy when the Singaporeans party and celebrate everyday oblivious to the dangers around them. When they sleep the Greeks could be there planning to take over their city. Modern day Troy does not need a Trojan Horse when the Greeks are invited in with open legs. What is the point of a prosperous Singapore when glory, joy and honour go to the Greeks?

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Second Singapore story

The Regimental Sergeant shouted at the soldiers to form up at the parade square to cite the national pledge. He explained to them that they must clench their right fist and put it on the chest where the heart is before making the pledge.

At his command all the soldiers raised their right hand and promptly put their fists over their hearts. Then they shouted in one voice, ‘We the citizens of…..’ only to be interrupted by the RSM’s shout of ‘samulah’. Hope I get this Malay command right.

On hearing the RSM’s command the soldiers freezed and stopped the citing the pledge immediately. The RSM screamed at one of the soldiers. ‘You Sir, why is your hand not over your heart?’

Apparently the soldier had place his fist way below where his heart was.

‘Is that where your heart is?’ The RSM growled.

‘No Sir. That is my liver Sir. I have no heart Sir.’ The soldier replied.

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Babes at COMEX 2014 - Suntec City

I was there to pick up a gadget and there was this show with babes parading down the catwalk with their products. Luckily I had a spare camera in my bag and shot a few. Not as good a I would want them without my primary cameras but decent enough. Tonight's is the last night of the show.

A few pleasing pics for Sunday.