South Korea – A pathetic semi American colony

In 2012, when the South Koreans thought it was time to take back military control of their armed forces from the Americans, a queer incident happened. The South Korean warship Cheonan was torpedoed and many South Korean soldiers were killed. The blame was simply pointed at the North Koreans. Subsequent investigations and evidence proved that the North had nothing to do with its sinking. It was a black operation, a false flag incident. But it was a good enough reason for the Americans to say No to return control of the South Korean armed forces to the South Koreans. Unbelieveable, but it is still happening. A sovereign state has its military forces under the control of an occupying foreign power. South Korea is anything but an independent state. It is a semi colony of the USA, just like Japan. The Americans’ military forces are still stationed in the two states.

Now you know why the North Koreans have to be the ‘mad country with mad leadership’ and always harped as a threat to the South Koreans. The Americans would keep on harping on this threat, keep on provoking and instigating the North Koreans to react, to retaliate and then to tell the pathetic South Koreans that the USA forces must remain in South Korea and in command of all the South Korean armed forces. Do the South Koreans have any choice that their soldiers are controlled by the Americans and the American bases and soldiers are in their soil?

Apart from reacting with vitriol to the repetitive provocations by the American war games along its shores and sanctions, what are the hostile acts of the North that are raising tension, so the Americans told the South Koreans?

According to the South Korean Defence Minister Han Min Koo, ‘The security situation on the Korean peninsula is more precarious than ever…North Korea is continuing to launch new types of provocations, including an additional nuclear test, development of new tactical missiles, infiltration by miniature UAVs and machine gun fires.’ He should have also said the face of Kim Jung Un is appearing in South Korean media daily and he could not sleep. And South Korea’s military is still not ready or incapable of defending itself against the North and needed the Americans to be there and to have operational control of the joint military forces.

With such pathetic military forces that cannot defend itself against the North, the handover of military control of the South Korean forces back to the South Koreans is further delayed. Yes the Americans are not going to return control to the South Koreans. Hagel said yesterday, ‘While this agreement will delay the scheduled transfer of operational control, it will ensure that when the transfer does occur, Korean forces have the necessary defensive capabilities to address an intensifying North Korean threat.’ With this statement, the handover is pushed back to 2020. And it would be pushed back further after 2020 and further into the future and decided by the Americans.

The reason, the South Koreans would never be able to defend itself against the North, but funnily will continue to provoke the North with more military war games and flying propaganda balloons to the North to provoke them in order to raise tension.  The game is to ensure that there will always be tension and the Americans would be stationed in South Korea with effective control over the pathetic and useless South Korean forces, and to make South Korea a perpetual semi colony of the Americans.

One can easily detect many contradictions in the positions of the South Koreans. Would the South Koreans be crazy to be provoking the North if they cannot defend themselves? Would the South Koreans be happy to be a semi colony of the Americans and allowed its armed forces to be controlled by a foreign power and with bases in their own country, and deciding all the military matters for them? Do the South Koreans have any pride in themselves to want to be an independent country, free from foreign domination and control, free from the Japanese and free from the Americans?

Who is benefiting from the drumming up of tensions in the Korean Peninsula? The US said that ‘an improved missile defense system for South Korea would be a prerequisite for handing over command’. What does this mean? The South Koreans must pay if they want back the command of their armed forces. And the media reported that the South Koreans are reviewing the need to buy the Lockheed Martin Corp’s Terminal High Altitude Area Defence system, THAAD. South Koreans would also be buying the ultra expensive but troubled plagued F35A, 40 pieces from the Americans. These are only the money reason.

This is the price the South Koreans have to pay for being a semi colony of the American Empire. Forever under the control of the Americans, forever under a siege mentality created by the Americans by provoking the North, and forever having to pay for American hardware, and forever be a semi colony.

PS: How could the South Koreans live with the truth that the Cheonan sinking and the death of their soldiers, the bringing down of President Kim Dae Jung and the assassination of President Park Chung Hee were the works of the Americans?

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Hong Lim Affair - Latest news

Reported in ST today 25 Oct 14

'She(NParks spokesman) said NParks did not cancel the approval given to Ms Han's "Return Our CPF" event on Sept 27. One of the charges Ms Han and Mr Ngerng are expected to face on Monday is of organising a demonstration without approval.'  Rachel Au Yong

Is there a fine distinction between having a free speech, protest rally and demonstration without approval?

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What would Singapore be like without the true blue Singaporeans?

The true blue Singaporeans built this place from Independence to a prosperous first world country. Now they are deemed as redundant, obsolete, lazy and don’t have the skills to fit in. So they are now systematically being replaced by hungry 3rd world talents and rogues from the West.

The question, what would Singapore be like in the future if the true blue Singaporeans become insignificant? Would Singapore still be a safe, rich and attractive place for the foreigners to come here to live and work?

Would the island still be a good and safe place to bring up children, low drug problems, women and children can go home safely in the early hours of the night without being raped, mugged or robbed?

Would the streets be clean and safe? Would the housing estate be rundown and turn into slums? 

Would there be law and order, rule of the law?

Would the businesses and industries continue to have the same vitality and productivity?

Would the foreigners turn this island into a better place or into hell? Would Singapore return to the 3rd World like where the foreigners came from?

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Below are two video clips of what Singapore is turning into if lawlessness rules the day.
VIDEO: Coffee shop patron beaten up by a group of unruly PRC gangsters operating in Hougang


New recommendations for protesters at Hong Lim Park

All protesters planning to hold a protest or even a party at Hong Lim should take note of the charges against Roy Ngerng and Han Hui Hui. Both have been charged for   “disrupt(ing) the YMCA event and caused annoyance to the public” and having committed the following acts:

1. marching around the general vicinity of the YMCA event
2. shouting loudly
3. chanting slogans
4. waving flags
5. holding placards
6. blowing whistles loudly
7. beating drums

I think the above charges are relevant when there is another event with participants in the Park. I am not sure if the above charges can be levied for annoyance to the public nearby. What if the hotel or hotel guests complained of the noise and disturbances? This point needs further clarification.

So, in view of the above, may I offer a few suggestions to protestors so that they would not be charged for the same offence by committing the same crime and doing the same things as Roy and Hui Hui. The Hong Kong Govt can learn a trick or two from Singapore and charge those students for causing annoyance to the public and all the 7 points above plus misuse of umbrellas and pitching tents at the wrong place.

Let me concentrate on the Singapore scene so that protesters in the future would not get into trouble with the law. Yes they can protest at the Speakers’ Corner but must get a permit first from the NPark. What about the provisions in the Constitutions and the POA? What about them? I am not a legal expert.

The protesters must observe the following:

1.  Check if there is another event in the Park. If there is, speak to them nicely and beg them not to report to the police if they are disturbed by the noise make by the protesters or offended by the placards, slogans, flags etc etc.
2.    Do not march around in the Park close to the participants of another event. I am not able to advise how close is close. This point must get clarifications from NPark or the Police.
3.    Don’t shout loudly even if it is a protest. Speak in a normal tone like talking to someone in a kopitiam. I think loudspeakers are definitely out now. Too loud and very disturbing.
4.    No chanting of slogans.
5.    No waving of flags even if it is the national flag.
6.    No placards, especially those with not nice things on them.
7.    No whistles ok. This is not a football match and Hong Lim Park is not the National Stadium.
8.    And also no beating of drums. What do you thing, a protest rally is not a dragon or lion dance ok.
9.    The best is to ask NPark and the Police what can or cannot do for additional safety measures. Perhaps the two agencies could come up with a Can Do and Cannot Do list to help the protesters not to break the law.
10.     And make sure it is not an illegal assembly even if the Park is designated for public assembly and protest. It can still be illegal.

I think protesters would be able to protest in peace and would not be heckled or harassed by other park users if they observe the above 10 Commandments. Good luck.

PS: The above should be read in conjunction to my other recommendations posted earlier.

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Must say something good about the Courts

Credit must be given when it is due. There was a report in the ST on 22 Oct titled ‘SMC witness accused of overcharging’. A Dr Hong Ga Sze, ‘an expert witness for the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) to the high profile disciplinary hearing two years ago that saw Dr Susan Lim convicted of misconduct for overcharging the Queen of Brunei’s sister, had his claim of $42,000 for appearing as a witness sliced to $5,000 by the High Court.

Another expert witness, Dr Tan Yeow Oo, had his bills reduced from $12,145 to $9,000. These two cuts were the latest after the Court slashed the legal fee of Wong and Partners from $1.3m plus to about $300,000.

What is strange is that the SMC case was all about overcharging and now the experts have also been accused of overcharging and had their bills slashed by the Court. OK, I stand corrected, though it was reported as overcharging, or like overcharging, or something like overcharging, it may not be overcharging at all. So it is not exactly right to say it was overcharging as according to the Law Society, just because the Court reduced the legal fees by $1m, it did not imply or say that there was overcharging.

The correct version could be that no one was overcharging. Susan Lim also did not overcharge and neither the two expert witnesses. They just submit an excessive sum in their bills and it was the Court’s prerogative to slash the sum to a more realistic or reasonable level. And the sums decided by the Court just happened to be a fair amount in the eyes of the Court, not because anyone had overcharged. Or is it like that? No?

I rest my case. But must say that the Court has done a great service in assessing what were fair amounts to be paid by the parties. If not, the cost of everything will keep going up and inflation will hit the roof and those on the wrong side of the equation would be paying very, very much more than they should.

Thank God, or thank the Courts, to deliver justice to those who needed justice.

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Mark Zuckerberg - Why my Mandarin listening ability so bad

Mark Zuckerberg won over many Chinese fans when he met them and spoke to them in Mandarin while in China. They enjoyed his casual style and personal snippets like when he asked his Chinese wife why was his Mandarin listening ability was so bad.

His wife, 'You're also bad at listening in English'.

My answer would be, 'You are American'. The Americans have very serious problem listening to the Chinese even when the Chinese speaks in English.

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Where is the hottest bed breeding terrorists?

The cuckoo has come back to nest. It all comes full circle. No, the answer is not Malaysia or Indonesia or the Philippines. The hottest terrorist bed is UK. The United Kingdom is producing 5 terrorists every week to fight in Syria. Looks like it’s free immigration policy is bearing fruits, a lot of fruits in the form of terrorists, and very deadly ones.

This is a section of a report from The Telegraph.
‘Ben Farmer
Oct. 22 (Telegraph) -- Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, says 'the drumbeat of terrorism in the UK' had become 'faster and more intense'

Five young Britons a week are travelling to fight in Syria alongside jihadists, joining hundreds already thought to have left, the country’s most senior policeman has disclosed.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, said “the drumbeat of terrorism in the UK” had become “faster and more intense” because of the conflict. Jihadist activities were “not just the horrors of distant lands”, returning fighters posed a terrorist threat, he said.

His warning came as research led by a former director of GCHQ suggested that shopping centres, sporting events and public gatherings could be vulnerable to chemical or biological attacks by terrorists using unmanned drone aircraft. The drones could be turned into flying bombs using improvised explosives.

Sir Bernard said: “We know that over 500 British nationals travelled to join the conflict. Many have returned and many will wish to do so in the coming months and perhaps in future years….’
Please note the dangers posed by drones and what the drones are capable of doing in an open air event like in a stadium or Marina Bay Platform where large numbers of people are present.

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